A simple standard wardrobe is often wasting a lot of space that you can’t effort to waste and it’s rarely nice!
Built-Wardrobes can give you a huge amount of additional storage space.
Our designers at Euro Design Furniture can sometimes more then double the amount of storage in a home just by being able to use the extra height or the difficult shape of the room.

The interior of your custom made built-in wardrobe is very important this is at this stage. Together with our professional designer you will be able to fully optimize every space available by using modern fittings and equipment . We will design together with you a luxury modern built-in wardrobe that serves your needs in functions and beauty.

Custom-made doors design for wardrobes

The next important step in the design of your custom made built-in wardrobe is the choice of the front doors …. should it swing open on high quality hinges or slide on a very smooth glider ….. in both scenarios we include the modern technology of soft close for your comfort on your every day use and to preserve the doors for a longer life.

Custom door finishing

This is the visible part, it must enhance your bedroom and be a pleasure for the eyes, at this stage our designer will guide you to the road of our myriad of finishing. You will be able to choose between our modern metallic paint, our unique wood grain, our very special laminate or one of our beautiful natural wood veneers softly treated with natural oil.

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