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Kitchen Azzura

Kitchen Azzura

|May 5, 2021

How to make a kitchen design with as less square angle as possible when kitchens are typically made out of square boxes?

When our interior architect Khun Manisorn Sweetlik creates our Angular design Azzura, her idea was to create a design with different angles that blend harmoniously together using as less 90 degrees angles as possibles.

She first design the sideboard Azzura, then following her inspiration she adapt her new idea to a kitchen design by keeping the necessary cabinet for optimal functions, and added to it the angles to create this amazing design that become ou Azzura Kitchen.

The stylish Island’s design with it’s distinctive clear acrylic legs floating with light is the absolute signature of the Azzura Kitchen design.

Azzura – ”Think out of the box” Enjoy your cooking and dining experience in Stylish harmony.

Kitchen Azzura Interior Design

The interior of your custom-made built-in kitchen is very important. This is the stage where together with our professional designers you will be able to fully optimize all available space by using modern fittings and equipment. We will design together with you a luxury modern built-in kitchen that serves your needs in function and beauty.

Kitchen Azzura Doors & Drawers Technology

The next important step in the design of your custom-made built-in kitchen is the combination of cabinets with doors & drawers. It must swing open on high quality hinges or slide on very smooth glider technology. Today, in a modern kitchen design, we try to use as much drawers as possible. Especially as we can do drawers as wide as 120cm. This optimizes storage space and comfort for optimal usage. In both scenarios, we include the modern technology of soft close for your everyday use and to preserve the doors and drawers integrity for a longer life span.

Kitchen Azzura Finishing

This is the visible part. It must enhance your living space and be a pleasure for the eyes. At this stage our designers will guide you on the road to our myriad of finishing. You will be able to choose between our modern metallic paint, our unique wood grain, our very special High- & Low-Pressure Laminates (HPL & LPL) or from one of our beautiful natural wood veneers, softly treated with natural lacquer.

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