Walk-in Closets

Walk-in closets can be very challenging to design because you need to achieve a very good use of the space. That includes the room floor plan and the interior of the walk-in closet itself. By using standard equipment without professional expertise in interior and furniture design the chance of wasting a lot of space instead of saving it is much higher.

Walk-in closets floor plan creation

The floor plan of your custom built Walk-in closet will be decisive for the walk flow in the room and how your belongings will be exposed to you for a convenient selection. Your walk-in closet should be in different zone for an optimization of the floor plan space. The dimension of the section must be adapted to who his using this area.
This is why a professional design will save you a lot of time and make your life better.

Interior Design for Walk-in closets

Walk-in closets have a lot more options on how to design the space inside and usually more space as well, at this stage our designer will help you select the best possible fittings or equipment that will turn your custom made walk-in closet into a modern luxury fully optimized part of your home.

Walk-in closets finishing

Custom-built Walk-in closets must be designed with the same modern and luxury feeling as any other room in your house, ideally carrying on with the material that we use in the bedroom. With our wide choice of material we can do the perfect luxury finish that will make this room one of your favorites.


A custom walk-in closet can be made just with drawers, shelves and hangers, but if you want to unleash the full potential of your modern walk-in closet, we have a big choice of equipment for you: Smart drawers for shoes, other specific shirts or trousers, special Jewelry drawers, pull down hangers, inserted LED for a better lighting effect and even a concealed hidden safe drawers.

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