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Vertical Integration

Have you ever felt cheated by a company or a contractor performing work in your home or office? Things like a lack of coordination, management, quality control? Not knowing who is actually producing your furniture? Who will be responsible if problems arise? Who is your contact person who can properly solve issues? Is the final result of your order looking like the original design and 3D renderings?

In our many years of experience, we’ve heard nightmare stories of past and disastrous renovations from our clients using other suppliers. This will not happen when you trust us to make your renovation and your furniture. Why?

Vertical Integration is one of the main reason of Euro Design Furniture’s success for the past 20+ years. What we mean by Vertical Integration is the fact that Euro Design Furniture controls the entire chain of production of all clients’ order. From Conceptual Design all the way to Delivery & Installation. Let’s not forget our extremely professional After Sales Services too!

From the first meeting with our client either at our Showroom in Pattaya City or at our factory in Nongplalai (15 minutes away from Pattaya City), we are there for you every step of the way:

  • Meeting with our Interior Architect to define your needs and selection of colors, fabrics, etc.
  • Our Interior Architect will elaborate a mood board with a budgetary proposal for your project.
  • When this is done and you are happy with the conceptual design and the budgetary proposal the next step is the interior design of your dream home by itself.
  • The customer pays for the interior design service and our interior architect will design all the floor plan, technical drawing and 3D renderings according to the agreed mood board and budgetary proposal.
  • When the design is completed we will provide you with a detailed quotation reflecting exactly the agreed design. When this is all fine we can make the Sales Order for your dream interior.
  • A site inspection with our team of interior architects, production designers & production management will allow for the completion of the production drawings which will be submitted to you for approval before the start of the production.
  • Our complete production process is made at our 2,500 sqm factory including:
    • Cutting
    • Edging
    • Assembly
    • Test-Installation
    • Painting or Oiling (Finishing)
    • Packing
    • Delivery
    • Installation

Not many companies in Thailand and elsewhere in the world offer this kind of integration of services from the top down. This is our way to keep our Quality Control to par every step of the way. By doing such, we can ensure the satisfaction of our clients and that the final realization in your home reflects the original idea from the design all the way to the actual furniture installed on site.


Euro Design Furniture was formed by Heinz Pichler and Luc Parietti in 1999. Heinz already owned and operated a small furniture manufacturing shop with a great reputation for innovative designs and quality furniture.

When Luc added his energy and vision to that shop, a new company formed, expanding into customized home interior design projects and hotel, restaurant, office and even yacht renovations. In 2006, driven by huge demand, the company built a 2,500 sqm production facility in North Pattaya and French-Canadian Jacques Lefebvre joined the team as Director of Operations.

His organization skills, combined with the significant increase in production capacity, allowed the company to service a much wider range of clientèle and handle much larger renovation projects.

One of those projects was the company’s own showroom and the luxurious 450 sqm building has been a tremendous success since its beautiful renovation.


Managing Director Luc Parietti works feverishly to help developers and businesses get the most attractive design and best use of space for their floor plan while Marketing & Design staff in the showroom enable individual customers to understand what Euro Design Furniture’s creative ingenuity really provides.

Euro Design Furniture’s mission has never changed: when a customer walks through the glass doors they will get what they want.

Let our designers help you to realize your dreams.