Celebrating Euro Design Furniture's 20th Anniversary - Euro Design Furniture Pattaya
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Celebrating Euro Design Furniture’s 20th Anniversary

Celebrating Euro Design Furniture's 20th Anniversary

Celebrating Euro Design Furniture’s 20th Anniversary

|November 10, 2020

History of Euro Design Furniture

In 1999, Euro Design Furniture was formed by Heinz Pichler and Luc Parietti. Heinz had owned and operated a small furniture manufacturing shop for many years, gaining a reputation for innovative designs and good quality furniture. When Luc came onto the scene, Mr. Pariette’s energy and vision was injected into the small time company and Euro Design Furniture Co. Ltd. was born.

What started as a small furniture manufacturing business grew into a vertically integrated interior design company. With a retail showroom based on Theprasit Road for several years now. Euro Design widened its scope of operations in interior design which has opened up operation channels to do full-fitted custom home interior projects, hotel renovations, restaurant renovations, office renovations, and even yacht renovations.

Over the next few years Euro Design expanded its range of products and unique furniture collections. From the Asian modern feel of the Osaka collection to the city slick London style designs. Euro Design covers the entire range of tastes and styles, truly offering something for anyone’s interior preference.

Driven by a huge increase in demand, Euro Design Furniture expanded once again in 2006 opening their brand new 2,500m2 Production Facility in North Pattaya. This significant increase in capacity allowed Euro Design Furniture to service a much wider range of clientele but also allowed for much larger renovation projects to gain access to our services.

French-Canadian Jacques LeFebvre joined the team as director of Production and Operations to help organize the new expansion and maximize their new capacity.

At that same moment Luc decided to re-launch the Theprasit Showroom and unveiled a newly designed luxury 900m2 Showcase center which has been a complete success since day one of opening.

Managing Director, Luc Pariette works feverishly upstairs helping clients get the right design and consult on utilization of space in the floor plan. Marketing & Designer staff help service the showroom to ensure a dynamic living experience and innovative portrayal of Euro Design’s creative prowess and ingenuity.

Today, Euro Design concentrates on expanding both its range of production as well as its well established base of satisfied customers everyday to ensure the best possible solutions for all customers needs. Always remember one thing, Euro Design’s mission objective has never changed its position, when a customer walks through those glass doors they will get exactly what they want.

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