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Euro Design Furniture Green Plan

Euro Design Furniture Green Plan

|May 26, 2021

Euro Design Furniture Green Impact

How can a factory have a very low ecological impact or small carbon footprint?

Can a factory be carbon dioxide negative or climate positive?

The answer to these questions is YES! Factories and businesses can and should all try to reach this important goal.

How to reach this goal is the right question. There are many answers or solutions to this problem.

At Euro Design Furniture, we have decided to minimize our carbon footprint since day one of our operations. Even if we are a SME and we are not in a very polluting industry, in our opinion, every business big or small should be concerned about what we will leave for the next generations to come.

Euro Design Furniture Green Plan

High Quality Furniture that last for a long time.

At Euro Design Furniture we produce furniture that is made to last for a very long time with a minimum of maintenance. To achieve this, we only use High Moisture Resistant (HMR) boards of 18mm thickness fasten with stainless steel screws. We use high quality hardware and high resistant finishing.

By using boards that are more resistant and thicker then what you can find in the normal market, it give a much longer livespan to your furniture. Up to 20 years or much more with normal maintenance.

Less garbage = Less pollution

As our furniture lasts longer, you will save money by not changing it every few years and you will enjoy beautiful instead of cheap furniture. You will create less waste again.

Less waste = Less pollution.

In our range of custom made furniture, we use stainless steel instead of chrome. We use natural stone, high resistant ceramic, glass and many other material that have a longer lifespan with normal maintenance.

We offer to our customer the possibility to modify, extend or re-coat all the furniture we made. Instead of throwing it away and create pollution you can keep your beautiful furniture and have it re-done as new.

Never throw away your Euro Design Furniture.! As it is made to last you can always sale it or give it to your relatives and make someone else happy.

If you decide that you want to get rid off your furniture made by us, we will take it back and give it a second life by refreshing it and give it to our staff or an NGO such as orphanage or other caring association we work with.

We can all make a difference by being a smart consumer!

Less garbage = Less Production = Less use of resources = Less pollution!

Efficient Machinery

In 2020, we changed all our machines for the latest technology available on the market. This has many different and major advantages for the environment.

First advantage; newer machines use a lot less electricity. Electricity (in Thailand) is mainly produced by burning fossil fuel and therefore creates pollution… Less electricity = Less pollution.

Second advantage; Newer machines are much faster then older ones therefore, they run less hours per day for the same amount of production and again… Less electricity = Less pollution.

We use very advanced software in our design and cutting pattern system to optimize the use of material to it’s fullest and limit waste to it’s minimum. We also try to use our minimum waste to produce smaller objects to even reduce this final amount of waste.

Waste that is left are carefully separated and all that can be recycled is sent to the proper recycling facility.

Local Suppliers

We select our suppliers with very strict criteria based on key points. The quality is the most important point in our selection and therefore our suppliers aren’t the ones who produce the cheapest way but the one who produce the best way.

We are very concerned with the ecological impact and therefore, we work with companies/suppliers that have the same philosophy as us.

We select suppliers that have the shortest distance possible to our factory. This as a positive economic and ecological impact.

Carbon-Eating Trees

The biggest decision we made was to purchase a much larger land then we needed for our production facility. Our land is 7 Rai (over 11,000 sqm) but, we use only 2,000 sqm for our production. The other 9,000 sqm (or close to 80% of our land) was converted into small tropical forest. We kept the few large trees that were there. Most of it was just an abandoned land with a nice pond.

We then decided to plant trees. A lot of trees! A few hundred of many different species. We cleaned the pond and added fish to it and then we let nature take it right back. We let the biodiversity flourish again. After 15 years, nature is beautiful again. We have a lots of beautiful birds and insect. Our ponds is full of life and the water is very clean.

We knew that a few hundred trees wasn’t enough knowing one large tree will absorb about one ton of CO2 in is full lifetime. Therefore to be a ble to balance our carbon foot print, so we started a Teak plantation on a 10 rai plot of land (over 16,000 sqm) where we planted 1,350 teak trees.

Ecology shouldn’t be a green logo for marketing purpose. Ecology is for everyone to take action!

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