Technical Notes

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Number Title Revision
TN_100 USB Vendor ID/Product ID Guidelines 1.2
TN_101 Implementing Custom FTDI VID and PID Codes using Linux 1.0
TN_102 OEM Techincal Support Requirements for FTDI Products 1.1
TN_103 FTDI USB Data Transfer Efficiency 1.0
TN_104 Guide to Debugging Customer’s Failed Driver Installation 1.0.1
TN_105 Adding Support for New FTDI Devices to Mac Driver 1.1
TN_106 Adding a Custom VID and PID in Linux 1.1
TN_107 FTDI Chipset Feature Comparison 1.0
TN_108 VINCULUM Chipset Feature Comparison 1.1
TN_109 Instructions On Including The FTD2xx DLL In A VS2008 Project 1.0
TN_110 What is USB? 1.0
TN_111 What is UART? 1.0
TN_113 Simplified Description of USB Device Enumeration 1.0
TN_114 USB Device Testing and Marking 1.0
TN_116 USB Data Packet Structure 1.0
TN_118 Vinculum-II Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_120 FT232R Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_121 FT245R Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_122 FT232B Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_123 FT245B Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_124 FT2232D Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_125 FT2232H Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_126 FT4232H Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_128 Preparing an FTDI-based Peripheral for USB-IF Certification 1.0
TN_129 Driver Release Signing 1.0
TN_130 FT232H Errata Technical Note 1.2
TN_132 Adding FTDI Devices VCP Driver Support to Android 1.1
TN_133 Vinculum II Toolchain Release Notes 2.0.0-SP1
TN_134 FTDI Android D2XX Driver 1.3
TN_135 FT200XD Errata Technical Note 1.5
TN_136 FT201X Errata Technical Note 1.4
TN_137 FT220X Errata Technical Note 1.4
TN_138 FT221X Errata Technical Note 1.4
TN_139 FT230X Errata Technical Note 1.4
TN_140 FT231X Errata Technical Note 1.4
TN_141 FT240X Errata Technical Note 1.4
TN_142 FT120 Errata Technical Note 2.0
TN_145 FT311D Errata Technical Note 1.2
TN_146 Creating Android Images for App Development 1.1
TN_147 Java D2XX for Android Demo 1.2
TN_149 Create a Custom Driver Executable 1.0
TN_152 USB 3.0 Compatibility Issues Explained 1.0
TN_153 Instructions on Including the D2XX Driver in a Visual Studio Express 2013 Project 1.1
TN_156 What is CAN? 1.0
TN_157 Ethernet Explained 1.0
TN_161 FT4222H Errata Technical Note 1.5
TN_162 Bus Powered with Power Switching Configuration 1.0
TN_165 Windows CDM Driver Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_166 FTDI Example IC Footprints 1.5
TN_167 FTDI FIFO Basics 1.0
TN_168 FT600/FT601 Errata Technical Note 1.1
TN_170 FT4222H Rev.C Technical Note 1.0
TN_172 FT602 Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_173 UMFT4222PROG-IC Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_175 TN_175_FT4222H Rev. D Technical Note 1.0
TN_176 TN_176 LC231X Errata Technical Note 1.0
TN_180 FT4233HP/FT2233HP/FT233HP Technical Note 1.0
TN_181 Type-C USB Connectors with FTDI Products 1.0