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Welcome to Design Desire, the magazine about finding and getting the interior designs that you really want.

Twenty years ago, my company was a pretty traditional furniture manufacturer. We designed furniture, we built furniture … and then we sold it. What made us different was a certain level of quality.

But I knew that wasn’t enough. I knew we had to find more ways to distinguish ourselves from other furniture companies. What we needed was a truly unique selling proposition. So, we set upon a journey to do something nobody else could. We started with the most important element of any profitable enterprise… the customer.

It occurred to me that everyone in our business pays great lip service to “giving the customer what they want”; in the end they place the most emphasis on selling what they have. We decided to be different. When you come into a Euro Design showroom or visit our website, you will no doubt see many things you want.

Let our designers help you to realize your dreams.

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