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Cutting Department – Automatic Panel Saw

Cutting Department – Automatic Panel Saw

|May 5, 2021

What is the secret of having high quality furniture? At Euro Design Furniture factory we rely on many different ingredients. One of them is having high precision manufacturing machines. At Euro Design Furniture factory we ensure that these high precision machines are well operated. Having well trained operators is also another extremely important factor. The periodic maintenance and servicing of these machines is also a necessary part of keeping their precision for the production of very high end built in furniture.

In 2020, Euro Design Furniture factory has substantially invested in the purchase, training and stock of spare parts of new high precision production machines. The objective was to upgrade our current high quality standards up a notch. Not only did Euro Design Furniture factory achieved this goal but, we also managed to increase our manufacturing output by having faster processing and more precise machines requiring less manual operations by our operators.

One of these machines is our new, fully Automatic Panel Saw with Loader. It is one of the most precise Automatic Panel Saw available. It limits the possibility of manual errors as it cuts all pieces programmed in the software in a single load. The precision is much greater as the cut is made from a flat bed conveyor compared to vertical panel saw where the wood plate stands on it’s edge.

Furthermore, it can cut the same pattern in up to 100mm thickness which means up to 5 wood plates stacked on top of each other. This can greatly increase the output should we are required to cut the same size pieces of wood over and over again.



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