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Edging Department – Automatic Edge Bander

Edging Department – Automatic Edge Bander

|May 5, 2021

Another machine purchased by Euro Design Furniture factory in 2020 is brand new Automatic Edge Bander. This new model has many advantages such as higher rate of speed (the feed is 35% faster the the one we were previously using) which increases the output volume. The precision of the buffing blades is also mandatory to get very high-quality built-in furniture passing our factory quality control standards.

These upgrades a extremely important for Euro Design Furniture factory as we are not only applying edging on the visible edge of each of our pieces of wood but, we edge all 4 of them. Doing this ensures that the High Moisture Resistance of our base Medium Density Fiberboard and Particle Boards is optimum by sealing all open edges with proper 1mm thick PVC edging. Most furniture manufacturers will only apply edging on the visible assembled parts of the furniture.

Some may think that by having a faster rate of speed it may result in lower quality finish. This is not the case at our factory as all components are very precise in their actions and the adjustments required by our technicians is at a minimum due to the very high quality of it’s components and ease of use.

Manufacturing technology has greatly evolved in the past decades but, we can see that now, manufacturers have really reached a proper balance between the quality of finished products vs. ease of use vs. overall maintenance.


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