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CNC Department – CNC Router

CNC Department – CNC Router

|May 5, 2021

Why would Euro Design Furniture factory needs a CNC Router in their production line? The answer is quite simple; a CNC Router is an extremely precise machine allowing our factory to produce items that conventional methods precision cannot compare with. From curved kitchen or sideboards panels, logos, complicated solid wood engraving and much more.

Euro Design Furniture factory purchased the latest model of brand new CNC Woodworking Router in 2020. It has multiple router drill bits that expands our versatility in producing very high end and luxurious built in furniture. It can reach higher RPM bit rotation compared to the older version we previously had at our factory.

Having such a precise CNC Router allows Euro Design Furniture factory to work on different materials such as High Moisture Resistant (HMR) Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) and HMR Particle Boards (PB). We can also use it on any types of solid wood such as White Ash, Teak, Oak, Maple and so on. In our production of high end and luxurious built in furniture, we also use other base materials such as acrylic, Plastwood (Extruded PVC boards) and many more.



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