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Euro Design Furniture Factory

Custom-Made Furniture Manufactured by Euro Design Furniture Factory

Maybe you are afraid of not receiving the expected quality you ordered?

It is not easy to find a bespoke factory that understands the needs you have for your furniture. Someone who can materialize your dream furniture. A factory that will manufacture with state-of-the-art machinery, high quality standards and latest cutting-edge materials.

Furniture Manufacturer Specializing in Built-In & Loose Custom-Made Furniture

Euro Design Furniture factory specializes in the manufacturing of custom-made built-in and loose furniture for residential houses, villas, condos, yachts, and commercial clients such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings and much more.

Euro Design Furniture factory provides a complete solution for the manufacturing of your custom-made built-in and loose furniture following your own design or the one created by our own interior architect.

With our Interior Architect Team, we will design your custom-made furniture according to your needs and you will be able to choose from a myriad of options in colors and finishing. All this sticking to your targeted budget.

We will design each piece of build-in furniture, custom-made kitchen, and all other necessary pieces of furniture such as your bed, wardrobe, desk, make-up table, sofa, dining room, TV and entertainment cabinet, furniture children, etc.

Our team or high skilled craftsmen will produce all your furniture with our state-of-the-art machinery and are only using high quality fittings and materials strictly following you design and specifications or the one of our interior architects.

Custom-Made Kitchen Manufacturer

The kitchen is an essential part of our home. It needs to be perfectly functional, and it needs to be absolutely beautiful. At Euro Design Furniture factory, we are expert in manufacturing custom-made kitchens and for us, a proper balance of design and quality is essential.

Our built-in kitchen carcasses or cabinets as well as all front panels are made from high moisture resistant boards of 18mm thickness. All edges are sealed with 1mm thick edging properly fasten with our modern edge banding machine. And this, even where the boards connect one to the other.

Build-In Furniture Manufacturer

Built-in furniture is an essential permanent part of our home. The function is a key of your everyday comfort, and it needs to be blending in your interior with style and beauty. Euro Design Furniture factory, we are experts in manufacturing built-in furniture and for us, design and quality are essential.

Custom Furniture Manufacturer

At Euro Design Furniture factory, we produce furniture with heart and passion. We take the time to make very detailed production drawings that we let approve by our customer before we start production.

We like to take the right time to produce your high-quality furniture, making sure with you it is what you want before we start to cut the first piece of wood.

When we have the green light and with our very modern machinery the real production time is rapid and efficient and within the very high standard of quality. This is what made our name renown in Thailand and on the international market for over 20 Years!