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Built-in Furniture

The problem when using standard furniture from mass production retailers with fixed dimensions is that often it doesn’t fit to your room or space. It leaves wide open gaps on the side and/or on the top of your wardrobes, your bathroom cabinets, your built-in cabinets or your wall units. This is all wasted space that you will never recover.

Built-in Furniture Design and Function

At Euro Design Furniture we take great pride in designing modern bespoke built-in furniture that will suit not only your taste but that will fill up all potential wasted space for a complete optimization of your storage area.

Wherever it is; in your bedroom with your built-in wardrobe or walk-in closet, in your living room with your built-in media center, in your bathroom with the built-in bathroom cabinet or anywhere else in your home, we can design and realize the modern built-in furniture of your dreams!


Your Built-in wardrobe is probably the most important built-in furniture in your home together with your built-in kitchen. By having your built-in wardrobe custom made you will have an optimal usage of your space. With our bespoke modern interior we can dedicate every corner to a special storage and by using our smart fittings, like wire basket, hidden drawer safe, shoe drawer or a special jewelry drawer, we design and produce the perfect custom built-in wardrobe that will suit you and your family.

Entertainment Centers

A custom made built-in entertainment center is an essential piece of furniture in our home but too often forgotten.

A modern built-in entertainment center enhances your Hi-Fi system in style and function and brings a distinctive touch of modern elegance in your living room.

It gives us the opportunity to optimize your storage by converting a lot of wasted space into a bespoke piece of unique furniture that you will enjoy for many years.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms are often compact in size. A custom-made built-in bathroom cabinet will change your life. The wide drawers underneath the wash basin will give you an absolute use of every small corner. The upper custom-made storage cabinet with mirror doors is the ideal solution to store all your small every day needs and to be able to use the products right in front of you.

Walk-in Closets

A good interior designer should always try to manage the space of a custom-made walk-in closet in the master bedroom before he goes to the built-in wardrobe solution.

A walk-in closet gives this amazing feeling of a wide-open space. You don’t need to think about what you will wear, you just pick up what you want as you can see everything in front of you.

At Euro Design Furniture we love to design custom made built-in walk-in closets with unique material. We love to mix the different finishes and colors to create this feeling of being standing in a high luxury designer cloth shop. You feel like you are shopping while you’re actually just getting ready for a great day!