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At Euro Design Furniture, we take great pride to design modern bespoke kitchen, free standing and built-in furniture that will suit not only your taste but, that will fill up all the wasted areas for a complete optimization of your storage space.

At Euro Design Furniture, we produce furniture that is made to last for a very long time, requiring a minimum of maintenance. To achieve this, we use high moisture resistant (HMR) boards fasten with stainless steel screws. We use high quality hardware and high resistant finishing.

By using boards that are of the highest grade, they are more resistant and thicker then what you can find on the normal market. This gives a much longer live span to your furniture. Up to 20 years or much more with normal maintenance.

In our range of custom made furniture, we use stainless steel instead of chrome. We use natural stone, high resistant ceramic, glass and many other material that have a very long live span with normal maintenance.

As our furniture lasts longer, you will save money by not changing it every few years and you will enjoy beautiful and quality instead of cheap furniture.

Never throw away your Euro Design Furniture. As they are made to last, we can offer to our customer the possibility to modify, extend or re-coat all the furniture we made, therefore instead of throwing it away, you can keep your beautiful furniture and have it re-done as new.

Less garbage = Less pollution.