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Custom Interior & Furniture Design Solutions

It’s not easy to find someone who can understand your needs for your interior.

Someone who can materialize your dreams and help you find the right material or furniture. Or maybe you are afraid that you will not receive the quality you are expecting?

Interior Design & Complete Turn Key Solutions in Pattaya

Euro Design Furniture specializes on interior design for residential villas, condos, yachts, commercial clients, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and more.

We provide a complete turn key solution for your interior design and complete renovation. From the situation your home is currently in until you are moving in with your suitcase and personal belongings!

With our interior architects you will design your interior according to your needs, taste and dreams!

We will design each piece of build-in furniture; your custom made kitchen and all other necessary furniture such as your bed, wardrobe, desk, make up table, sofa, dining room furniture, children room, etc.

With our interior designer you will choose the ideal feeling of your home through our exclusive selection of high quality material from unique tiles to the very luxury finishes that have made Euro Design Furniture renown for over 20 years.

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Custom made kitchen

The kitchen is an essential part of your home. It needs to be perfectly functional and needs to be absolutely beautiful. At Euro Design Furniture we are experts in custom made kitchens.

Built-in Furniture

In our exclusive showroom we will help you to design your unique built-in furniture. You will see examples of our quality and creativity from our existing furniture in display.

Custom Furniture

All our furniture is fully custom made. Our designer will design with you the furniture of your dreams. Only made from the best quality material. We will select from our myriad of finishes to make your furniture perfect!

Our 450 sqm Showroom

In order to get an idea of what we can do for you, come to visit our showroom. You will see some examples of our unique custom made furniture: bedroom, living room and built-in kitchens. You will talk with our designer about the furniture or the entire interior of your dreams!

Entertainment Centre

We will design a unique piece of furniture that will cover a wall and make your living room a joy of entertainment for the entire family.

Our Customer Range

From the modern Asia feel of the Osaka collection to the hip look of our London design, we cover a wide range of tastes and styles. Browse our galleries for examples of innovative answers created with and for our discerning clientèle.


Kitchen Furniture

Preparing and consuming meals is the axis on which most societies turn.

At Euro Design, we believe the custom design of a kitchen can be the tool to make one’s life healthy and happy.

We ask a lot from kitchens and dining rooms.

From producing feasts to greeting guests, it is the gathering place and center of any home. No place is more important.

Foldaway Bed Built-in Wardrobes

Built In Furniture

A simple standard wardrobe is often wasting a lot of space that you can’t effort to waste and it’s rarely nice!

Built-Wardrobes can give you a huge amount of additional storage space.

Our designers at Euro Design Furniture can sometimes more then double the amount of storage in a home just by being able to use the extra height or the difficult shape of the room.

Custom Furniture

It can be difficult to match furniture from different brands together, even when they are made of the same material the finishes are different and this difference makes the room looks mismatch.

By Doing custom made furniture and or bespoke decoration we can select the material to be from the same batch and do the finishing together. This will give this absolute luxury look and harmony between your custom made beds and your built-in wardrobe, between your custom made desk and your modern built-in office storage furniture.

Apartment Interior Design

Interior Design

The Challenge in remodeling your home is to find the right designer who will understand you and come up with the interior design of your dreams

We are more than just an interior design studio, we have professional interior architects to take care of your dream home.
Together we will mix your needs and ideas with our over 20 years of experience in interior design and remodeling and visualize this home in 3D design and drawing for you to see your future home even before we start the renovation.

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